05, Oct Pulpally Devaswam

This was the original seetha temple situated 1km away towards south from the main Seetha temple. According to the legend, when Rama happened to meet Seetha after aswamedha,he wanted to take her and the two sons to ayodhya. But the hesitant Seetha prayed to mother earth to swallow her. When she was sinking down,Rama caught her locks of hair that broke suddenly and she disappeared. Thus Seetha is worshiped here as 'chedattilamma'.Lava and Kusha,the two loving sons of seetha are also propitiated here by the devotees. the facade of the temples embellished by wooden carvings and it adds to the architectural beauty

Karimkali Temple

04, Oct Pulpally Devaswam

This small shrine is situated less than 1km away to the north from the main seetha temple .The gigantic rosewood tree adjacent to this temple bestows a unique grace to this divine spot and remains as a relic of the thick and virgin evergreen forest that existed here a few decades ago. besides the usual lighting of the lamp at dusk monthly pooja is also performed here.

Bommadhan Thara

03, Oct Pulpally Devaswam

It is situated on the Pulpally Bathery road. The wayanadan chetty community worship shiva in the form of"Bommadan". This type of bommadhan thara can be seen at different parts of wayanad.

Sri Valmeeki Asramam

02, Oct Pulpally Devaswam

This small thatched shed is situated about 4km away from **Seethadevi temple. It is believed that sage valmiki stayed here in his ashram and he gave shelter to seetha when she was deserted by Rama. Valmeeki himself was originally a demon called Ratnakaran who was later transferred into a great sage after a long period of meditation in a Hermite mount. During vijayadasami day parents brings the young ones to this spot for initiation into the world of alphabets. a good collection of brass lambs (donated by devotees)is an attraction of this ashram.Two red flower that blossom on the"mandaram"tree every day remind the devotees of Lava and Kusha who stayed at valmeeki's ashram


01, Oct Pulpally Devaswam

It is an important place connected with seetha devi temple. On every month a special pooja and vellattu are conducted here.